As real-life celebrities and citizens continue to voice their outrage, disappointment and fear following the election of Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, some fictional characters have materialized to share their thoughts as well, such as Parks and Recreation's Leslie Knope.

The character, played by comedian Amy Poehler, penned a letter (written by a member of Park's writing staff) addressing the American public on Yahoo!, where "Leslie" writes, along with a double-fictional anecdote, that "people are unpredictable and democracy is insane."

"Amidst the confusion, and despair, and disbelief, it was suggested to me by a very close friend of mine (I won’t say her name, to protect her identity) (Ann. It was Ann) that perhaps a few people would enjoy hearing my thoughts on this election," she writes. "So I sat down at my computer, cleared my head, and opened a document. Then I started crying. So I had some hot chocolate, and my close friend (Ann) rubbed my back for a while, and I got myself together, and sat down. And started crying. Then more Ann comforting me, and more hot chocolate, and back and forth like that for about six hours or so, the chain of hot-chocolate-and-back-rubs only interrupted briefly when I had to run to the store for more hot chocolate packets ('Just give me all of them, all the boxes,' I remember saying, through tears, to a very scared stockroom boy) and now I am ready to go."

Leslie then shares a story about a classroom experience she had where democracy failed (all thanks to a flatulent dinosaur) before concluding, "The point is: people making their own decisions is, on balance, better than an autocrat making decisions for them. It’s just that sometimes those decisions are bad, or self-defeating, or maddening..."

Read the character's full letter on Yahoo!

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