Mariah Carey supposedly let her diva nature get the better of her while filming The House, which stars Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell. Rob Huebel (BaywatchHuman Giant) costars in the movie, too, and had a lot to say about Carey's behavior on set during an interview with SiriusXM’s Entertainment Weekly Radio (ch. 105).

According to Entertainment Weekly, Huebel claims, “We did some reshoots with a pop star named Mariah Carey. It did not go well. F---ing what is going on with her? It was bananas.”

Among his complaints, Huebel noted Carey's tardiness and over-the-top demands. He says the singer requested all white roses and stuffed animal lambs (a nickname for Carey's fans) for her trailer. Additionally, she did not want to sing the song for which she had been hired. When the filmmakers pivoted to accommodate her, Huebel says, Carey still wouldn't cooperate.

“So then they were going to do this bit where they shoot her, I think, and they kill her — in the movie," Huebel explains, "Not in real life. But she didn’t want that. She was like, ‘I don’t think my character would get killed by bullets. What if I deflected them like Wonder Woman?’ They were like, ‘Mariah, we don’t have time for [this]. You’re getting paid so much money. We have you for one day. We don’t have time to argue with you. Just do it.’ She just didn’t want to do what they wanted her to do. Anyway, why am I talking trash about her?”

Huebel concluded that he was unsure whether Carey's scene made it to the final cut of The House, saying, “Just know, if you see her, they had to work for it."

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