Was it a break-in? A deranged Lakoda Rayne fan looking for vengeance? Or simply a false alarm? Either way, armed police arrived at Paula Abdul's house last night after an alarm was triggered at her California home.

RadarOnline reports that around 2:30am, the private security firm that monitors Abdul's Sherman Oaks neighborhood alerted the police that a disturbance was reported at Abdul's home. When police arrived on the scene, the front door was wide open and no one was inside.

Authorities found no indication of a break-in and nothing appeared to have been taken from the home, so it's safe to assume that it was just a false alarm. Phew!

We'd never accuse Paula of being less than vigilant, but it seems possible that the absent-minded judge may have just forgotten to lock a door. Or maybe it really was some burgling cold-hearted snake, out to wreak havoc on unsuspecting pop icons in the Sherman Oaks area! We may never know the truth...