Paula Abdul has quickly become one of television's favorite faces as a strong, intelligent woman who encourages and inspires individuals to pursue their common dream of music. The former 'American Idol' judge and current 'X Factor' judge recently revealed to Glamour magazine that she has learned many dos and don'ts throughout her life and career. Here are the highlights from her interview:

DO look for a way past "no": My first audition to become a Laker Girl was a cattle call, and no one even saw me. I got cut immediately, but I sneaked into another room, changed my leotard, put on brighter tights and changed my hair. Then I went back in and used my middle name -- and I got it!

DON'T let naysayers take you down: I was made fun of for being too nice [on 'American Idol'], but look at how pleasant and encouraging it became when [Simon Cowell and I] left. Clearly I was doing something important because they stayed with it.

DO know when to leave an argument: Simon and I finally understand how to work with each other and how to walk away when we're pissed at each other. When he makes no sense to me and I make no sense to him, it's like, "Whatever! We're going to agree to disagree. Just leave me alone!"

DON'T betray your own sense of style: When I started on 'Idol,' I went with what everyone else told me to wear -- clothes that were way too loud -- and I look back and I'm like, "You know what ... I had the right intuition, but I let other people tell me how to dress." Now I don't just follow the trends of what looks good on every other girl.

DO know and be true to your strengths: I may not be the greatest dancer, I may not be the greatest singer -- I know I'm not! -- but I'm an entertainer, and my heart is my through line. I connect with people.