Perez Hilton is once again stirring the pop culture pot! The outspoken blogger recently took a shot at 'X Factor' contestant Stacy Francis on Twitter, calling the 42-year-old singer "too old." A full-blown Twitter war quickly ensued, and Adam Lambert came to the soulful songstress' defense.

Hilton initiated the Twitter war by writing, "@stacyfrancis You're definitely talented and have a great voice but, sadly, at 42 you're too old to be the pop star you said you want to be." Ouch!

Instead of fighting fire with fire, Francis seemed a bit saddened over Hilton's tweet, and she simply stated that she hopes to turn the blogger into a fan some day. "I guess @PerezHilton is not a fan.. too bad because I really like him.. guess I have to work harder.. wonder if I can win him over," Francis tweeted.

Fans began criticizing Hilton for expressing his opinion, and Hilton did have a point when he wrote, "Just cuz I'm nicer Perez doesn't been I'm lobotomized or devoid of an opinion. I am a pop culture analyst and a critic. And I'm still SASSY!"

Hilton also tweeted, "@stacyfrancis Not picking on u! Trying to help by sending you on the right path. You'll fail if u view yourself as a pop artist in #XFactor." He also suggested that she sing songs that reflect her musical style, like Mariah Carey, and to ditch the contemporary rhythmic tunes from artists like Rihanna and Kesha.

Cue Adam Lambert. We're not sure how or why Adam Lambert got involved in this Twitter beef, but he wrote, "@stacyfrancis yes but he would have said the same about Adele if rolling in the deep hadn't blown up. She changed the game b/c of talent." He then wrote, "@stacyfrancis and opinions are like a---holes." Hilton fired back writing, "@adamlambert @stacyfrancis And everyone is entitled to their opinion. Pity the people who are constipated. I'm not! #A---holes."

It's hard to keep track of this Twitter mess, and we're not 100% sure what Adele had to do with this argument, but it seems like all parties have settled the feud. Lambert apologized to Hilton, and Hilton hasn't tweeted about the incident for a few hours. As for Francis, she seems to have taken Hilton's advice into consideration, but the 'X Factor' contestant seemed to be in awe that celebs like Perez Hilton and Adam Lambert were even tweeting at her to begin with!