In a week where Justin Bieber and Jonah Hill have been called out for using offensive slurs, Pharrell added some controversy of his own when he wore a giant Native American headdress on the cover of ELLE UK's July 2014 issue.

Calling the photoshoot his "best ever shoot" and claiming he's "never looked so good," ELLE UK seems to be standing by their decision to dress him in the traditional Native American attire, despite the swift backlash that has inspired the hashtag #NOTHappy, a reference on the singer's hit song.

According to comments left on Pharrell's Facebook page (via Indian Country Today Media Network), the Native American headdress is a sacred item meant for Native Americans only, and feathers are earned through pride and bravery -- traditionally from fighting in battles.

While Pharrell is just the latest star to receive criticism for wearing the ceremonial headdress, he is far from the first. And according to the Huffington Post, Native Americans were not happy when other celebs have worn the garment on the cover of past magazines, either -- understandably so.

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