Phillip Phillips, the winner of Season 11 of 'American Idol,' has been plagued by health issues before, during and after his big, life-changing win, thanks to a barely-functioning kidney that required multiple surgeries, with more on the horizon. Despite all the reports about Phillips' ill health, word is the 'Home' singer will not have imminent surgery in favor of alternative treatments, which are apparently doing the trick.

Phillips was supposed to have another surgery last week, but he came down with a fever, which forced the surgery to be postponed, as it's not a prime condition in which to be operated. It was due to be rescheduled for this week and now appears to be something that can wait.

E! News reports that Phillips will be a part of the 'Idol' summer tour when it kicks off July 6 in Detroit, with a rep saying that the winner is looking forward to being a part of the festivities. A source said that the singer was supposed to do press in New York and then fly to Georgia for surgery. However, he instead did press remotely and surgery is on the back burner, as an alternative method has proven effective. The source says he is doing well, but his family is choosing to keep pertinent details about his illness and condition close to the vest.

Doctors have given also given the singer the go-ahead to take part in the 45-date tour, which is good news for Phillips and for fans. Let's just hope he doesn't overdo it. We all love him and want to see him on the road, but not at a risk to his fragile health.

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