Pia Toscano, a fan favorite whose dismissal from 'American Idol' during Season 10 caused gasps and agape mouths on the judging panel, is doing just fine. Post-'Idol,' the pretty brunette has signed to Interscope and released the single and video 'This Time.'  She gave AOL Music a tour of the behind-the-scenes happenings of the video.

"It's my first video, and it's a journey to self discovery," Toscano said. In the clip, she is looking pretty as ever, in a blue muscle car, which she reveals is a vintage Mustang, with the wind blowing through raven hair. She said that riding in the car was "freeing and beautiful and it's truly my life," as that action is a metaphor for how things are going for Pia as she navigates the twists and turns of the pop music landscape.

Toscano said the beach scene was the best, because "I've been dying to go. I got wet, but it was gorgeous." She had not been to the beach in a while, so she was okay with getting soaked, all for the same of her debut video. A girl has to make sacrifices for her art. Needless to say, she looked super hot with the waves breaking over her.

The final shots of Toscano singing in downtown LA was also fun and freeing for the singer. "That was my rock star moment. I never show that side of me," she said. If you watched Toscano last spring, you'll know she was the balladeer, belting out her notes like a diva-in-training. She also acknowledged that she is "doing everything I said I hoped I would one day do." She is not taking anything for granted!

Watch the Pia Toscano 'This Time' Behind-the-Scenes Clip