Pink is Billboard's Woman of the Year so she covers the mag's accompanying WOTY issue. She also reveals that she isn't looking for radio hits, although they find her. She just wants to make you cry.

Why does Pink seek fans tears? Does she want to bathe in them? No! She just wants your emotion, and to touch your heart.

And that's what makes her, as OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder said, the woman who has "quietly become the biggest pop star in the world."

Pink said, "I'm not after having a radio hit, I'm after making people cry in concert."

She also had herself a chuckle at Tedder's assertion of her quiet dominance. She said, "Isn't that funny? 'Quietly.' Because I keep my head to the dirt and I just f--king pound the pavement. And I'm in a stable of show horses, of prized ponies, and I learn from the best. You can't compare anybody to the Tina Turners and the Chers and the Sades and the Janet Jacksons — yet. And to me, they're touring artists, they're lifelong legendary touring artists. Bette Midler — these are my gods."

Pink also shared what a day in her life is like, saying, "Typical day is wake up, Papa takes Willow to breakfast, then we go to the park. It's basically all about Willow. I go to the gym. Then we play for a little while, then we go to yoga and Willow comes. We do family yoga here with the dancers and some of the band and some of the crew here. And then we do sound check and then we eat. Then I do hair, I get my makeup done. Then I do my vocal warmups, I do my physi warmup, I do my prayer with the band and crew and then we go onstage. Then we get on the bus, go to sleep. Willow gets a bed, I go to the bunk. Then we wake up and do it all over again."

And all of this amounts to the multiple reasons Pink is the Woman of the Year.

We can't just give her a reason, like her hit single. There are many reasons we lurve Pink.