Life can be tough out on the road, even for a pop star.

While toting her family around the globe for her Beautiful Trauma World Tour, Pink's 1-year-old baby boy, Jameson, contracted hand, foot and mouth disease.

"Wanna know how glamorous tour can be? Jameson has hand, foot, and mouth; and Willow has a 102 temp. Both kids laid up and mama @pink still has to push through and do shows," the performer's husband, former BMX rider Carey Hart, lamented on Instagram, sharing a photo of Jameson, 20 months old, covered in a bright red rash, as well as an image of his daughter Willow, 7, curled up in the bath.

He also shared a story about calling out a judgmental woman who kept staring at Jameson while at a restaurant the morning before.

"I had Jameson at breakfast yesterday and this vile woman at the table next to us kept staring at him with a s---ty look on her face. I told her it was bed bugs. #NoRestForTheWicked #LifeInHotels."

See below:

But the judgement didn't stop at breakfast: Since sharing the photo of Jameson on social media—which Pink re-posted on her own account—Hart has received a wave of backlash from users commenting on the image, criticizing the dad for bringing his sick son out in public.

Fortunately, despite being a contagious viral infection, hand, foot and mouth is nothing too major. It's very common among young children, and usually clears up within days.

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