Pink followed up her sassy anthem 'Blow Me (One Last Kiss)' with the more emotional ballad 'Try,' which is accompanied by a well-choreographed, primal, physically aggressive video.

The singer, with blue and yellow streaks in her punky blond cut, is wearing only a see-thru, teal slip dress. She gets hot and heavy, engaging in a primitively sexy, body-to-body dance with a shirtless hunk, which quickly evolves into their version of an MMA fight. It's primal enough to have her real-life hubby Carey Hart stop and go "Hey now!"

The chemistry and the choreography between Pink and said hunk is wild, aggressive and physical. They are a couple that attacks each other's guard with dance moves. It might sound corny on paper, but the execution is flawless and animalistic.

At some point, his hands end up around her throat. Then he ends up on his back. She hangs upside down above his shoulders, while he holds her above his head; how these two accomplished this position is beyond us. They flip and toss each other like MMA masters and Olympic gymnasts, twisting, contorting, getting down and dirty. Both are incredibly nimble, and were likely bruised and sore after the video shoot.

Despite the purely physical activity and the fact that they sorta beat the crap out of each other, the vid is not advocating any sort of domestic violence. Their bodies are metaphors for how much jostling a human being can take before giving up, giving in, or deciding to keep going.

Who ends up the victor? Watch and see.

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