To say 15-year-old Becky G is fierce is an understatement. If you've seen her 'Otis' cover, then you most likely went "bananas" over it like big-time producer and songwriter Dr. Luke did. Now signed to Luke's label, Becky has collaborated with Cody Simpson ('Wish U Were Here'), Cher Lloyd ('Oath'), and is fervently working on her debut EP while continuing to do covers, like her confident spits over Kesha's hit 'Die Young'.

While making her first trip to Manhattan in October, Becky stopped by the PopCrush office to play a round of Pop the Question. She showed much more confidence in her aim than answering our quirky questions, but her cuteness trumped her nervousness -- especially her continuous smile paired with those signature dark-rimmed glasses she always sports.

After throwing some darts ("I have really good aim!" she boasts), we found out she has talents other than just rapping and singing. "I would love to have my own fashion line, because I love sketching," she mentioned if she had to purse a career outside of music.

Becky also stated she has a lengthy list of pet peeves, but her biggest one is people resting their arms on her head or shoulder. "I'm really short," she admits. So interested, tall guys -- take note! Don't lean on the emcee -- ever. The 'Oath' rapper has some quirky habits, too, such as her laugh. "It changes all the time and it gets really goofy and I can't control it… because I just laugh randomly." Hey Becky, there's a lot worse habits to have than that. No, really.

Check out Becky G's adorable Pop the Question interview in its entirety above!