After someone told Bonnie Northsea (best. name. ever) that doing the dance to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" would help induce labor, the 32-year-old mom of one immediately jumped on it -- literally.

Donning blue sweats and a matching blue sports bra, the 40-weeks-pregnant mama recorded herself doing the routine with impressive skill. She then uploaded it to Facebook, and later, YouTube -- where it has since reached over 1 million views.

"I just thought my friends and family would see it and just think it was kind of silly and fun, and then all of a sudden it just started growing and growing," she told PEOPLE. "We're in shock about what's been going on. I didn't think my skill was that high, but apparently people are impressed!"

It was a much-needed happy moment for Northsea and her family, who recently found out that her husband has testicular cancer.

"This viral video has really helped by adding laughter to our family and bringing us closer together through these very difficult times," she told the magazine.

So, did the video succeed in speeding up the labor process?

As of yesterday (Feb. 17 -- six days after her due date), Northsea still has yet to deliver -- but she is trying other methods to jumpstart her labor.

"I've been trying other things, but I haven't done the 'Thriller' dance since I did that video," she told PEOPLE. "Today I cleaned the whole house!"

Check out Bonnie Northsea's epic "Thriller" dance moves in the video above.