The five friends at the center of Pretty Little Liars visited Good Morning America today (January 12), mere hours ahead of the show's midseason premiere. Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Sasha Pieterse and Troian Bellisario have been pulling double promo duty in New York this week, discussing the show's #5YearsForward time jump and acting as ambassadors for their freshly-rebranded Freeform network.

We've already gotten a peek at what the future holds for Rosewood's most tormented clique — who've enjoyed a college experience free of kidnapping, death-threat texts and creepy dolls since we left them in August — so what did we learn from the sit down?

The girls are living in separate cities before Alison draws them back to town.
"We've got New York, Boston, Washington D.C., California," said de facto Liars spokesperson Bellisario, of the places the girls make new lives in. She attempts to tease the reason they return, but we already know it's to testify on behalf of Charlotte/CeCe/"A."

Some of the Liars actresses knew A's identity before others.
Lucy says Troian and Ashley were in on the secret before she was. "It came out of left field, but [showrunner Marlene King] came with the idea years ago."

If Ashley Benson could bring any departed character back, she'd choose...
Mrs. DiLaurentis. "She's such a good character on the show, and she's an amazing actress but she's so fun. I think a lot of people like her," Benson said of Andrea Parker, who played Alison's mom. This is Pretty Little Liars, where just about anyone can return from the dead at any time, so we just may see her again (and remember, we still don't know who killed Mrs. D, since CeCe claims innocence.)

Yes, the Liars do hang out IRL. Sometimes.
While Shay says "we do have our own groups of friends," she told GMA that "every once in a while we'll get together for dinner and stuff like that." It's not exactly The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants cast-level friendship, but we'll take it!

Most people are rooting for Haleb reunion, but they REALLY want Emison to happen.
"There's always hope for Emison," Pieterse says, toying with fan's heartstrings. She points out that Alison's married in the new future-present Rosewood, so her relationship with Emily will stay platonic. FOR NOW.

Who's the new post-A big bad? Will the girls still hang out at Ezra's coffee shop all the time now that they're back in town? Who's body is in that coffin on the poster? We just might find out tonight — watch Pretty Little Liars at 8PM eastern on Freeform.

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