For five and a half seasons, we've watched Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer work their way through the dark mysteries of Rosewood. While Pretty Little Liars fans everywhere learned the identity of "A" back in August, the PLL crew returns for new adventures in just a few days — and the action will jump five years into the future. The four friends have grown into young women with separate careers and lives, but they head back to their hometown to testify that Alison's sister, Charlotte (aka A), is well again. But when they get together in Rosewood, it won't be your typical reunion.

To celebrate Pretty Little Liars Season 6B's January 12 premiere on the newly-named Freeform network (formerly known as ABC Family), we're fondly revisiting how the stars of the show looked when they first started on series, and how they look now. Click on the gallery above to see the show's cast evolve over the years!