Caution: Pretty Little Liars finale spoilers ahead.

Pretty Little Liars' 6B finale aired last night (March 15), and HOO BOY was it bananas: "Ghosts" were unmasked as villains Scooby Doo-style, Ali checked herself into the mental hospital and the Spencer/Caleb/Hanna mess is an official love triangle (love rectangle, if you even count Hanna's fiance Jordan). And did anyone else notice the woman Toby helped into a mini-van called him "Pretty Eyes," which the waitress at the diner called an off-camera A, then Toby directly (when he was working with the A-Team) in Seasons 2 and 3? What does it all mean?

Season 7 is months away, but fortunately the Hollywood Reporter caught up with show creator I. Marlene King to gather some intel on what's next. She describes next season as "the beginning of the end," and while we're still not officially sure how much longer Freeform will continue PLL, it sounds like everyone's getting their ducks in a row now (and Lucy Hale's constantly talking about the show ending lately).

King says Uber A will be revealed in Season 7, and the action will be a whirlwind. "And there is still a lot of story to tell, so it’s going to unfold and unravel more quickly than we’ve ever told story before." She adds, "The finale really was explosive, and it launches the beginning of the end of PLL as we know it."

In exciting news, expect some long-absent faces to return: "I have called everyone. We have literally called season seven thematically the homecoming, and I hope a lot of actors who are on other shows or under contract at other places can come back." Paige? Andrew Campbell? Wren??

King also discussed the twin reveal she'd been teasing on Twitter for weeks — which turned out to be Alison's late mother Jessica DiLaurentis' twin Mary Drake, former Radley patient and Charlotte's biological mother. The writers didn't want to copy the "Ali has a twin" storyline from the original YA book series, so King says "we started talking about Mrs. D having the twin when we originally started talking about the character of Charlotte and how important she was going to be to the show."

And in case it was unclear, "Uber A" is indeed the same as "A.D.," the person who dragged Hanna off at the end of the finale, and we'll learn Hanna's fate at the top of Season 7. King calls A.D. the "biggest, baddest, scariest 'A' of all."

Bring it on.

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