Like all Pretty Little Liars season finales, this one provided answers and introduced new questions — but at least we (probably) know who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis now, if not who killed Charlotte. Let’s get to it.

After Hanna texts a false confession that she killed Charlotte in an attempt to appease/trap Uber A (a plan that sounds even dumber to me now that I’ve typed it here), the Liars, Caleb and Ezra read Uber A’s reaction: “If you’re lying I’ll [gun emoji] you all.” Uber A was so into emoji in Season 6B. Maybe next season he/she will be all about Snapchat filters? Uber A says to leave the cops out of this, and demands a meeting.

Creepy Dr. Rollins is nursing his new wife Ali, who’s back from the hospital after “accidentally” tumbling down the stairs (he shoved her, right?). She thanks him, and thanks him for all the things he did for Charlotte as they both stare at a photo of Charlotte smiling. Did she sit for a Sears portrait before her death? So many mysteries to unravel this hour.


Toby and Spencer study the Radley blueprints (he’s wearing cute new glasses), while Caleb, Emily and Hanna work on a way to disarm Uber A with an electric shock. Emily notes the irony here, since they’re all assuming Sara Harvey is the bad guy. Meanwhile, Aria and Ezra are ALREADY FINISHED writing their book in the B plot that I couldn’t bring myself to care about this season. I have to assume this is so drawn out because Ezra’s ex Nicole will somehow turn up alive eventually?

Dr. Rollins leaves for a business trip (to the Wooden-Dude Convention?), leaving Ali home alone for some classic PLL chills ‘n thrills: A creepy music box draws Ali into her room, where she’s jump-scared by the ghost of her dead mother, who then calls and asks: “Did you miss me?” It would have been even creepier had showrunner Marlene E. King not constantly teased the “twin” reveal info on Twitter these past two weeks, somewhat deflating the impact of the moment.

Emison bonding time: The two share their dreams of their dead parents, while someone seems to be watching them from outside. Meanwhile, Haleb sets their trap for “A-moji” (perfect nickname via Caleb) at the Two Crows Motel, bantering and rigging a flash camera, as I stan for their reunion.

Toby helps Yvonne prepare for election night festivities, but tells her he has to skip the actual party to help (campaign opponent) Spencer. It does NOT go over well. Over at Hastings Election HQ, Mona shows up, and Spencer freezes her out again. Mona says, “I’m not the enemy. I haven’t been for a long time.” Spencer begrudgingly lets her make some campaign calls.

Aria joins Emily at Ali’s, and they discuss Ezria’s book while Ali sleeps upstairs. In the creepiest moment of the episode, a man’s hand roves over Ali while she sleeps and it’s NOT Dr. Rollins: The camera reveals it’s…Wilden? Whom Charlotte murdered seasons ago? She screams in terror and confusion.

Caleb and Spencer walk around half naked and they both say “panties” (GROSS) when a knock from Spencer’s dad chases Caleb off — but not before Spencer tells him “I love you” for the first time. It’s not the only #5YearsForward grownup action we get in the finale: Ezra and Aria sleep together after learning the book they wrote together super quickly and easily is going to be “huge.”

Eliot tells Ali, who’s alone in the house again, that she’s definitely hallucinating out of misplaced guilt. The ghosts of her mom and Wilden gang up on her after he hangs up, and she’s gone missing when Emily returns from voting.

At the Radley, Toby helps a woman into a mini-van…and the woman says “Thank you, Pretty Eyes.” SEASON 3 CALLBACK, ANYONE?


Hanna’s having Haleb breakup flashbacks while she and Caleb prepare for A-Moji. She apologizes to him now for that night in New York five years ago, and tells him that she actually ran back to their hotel in the rain, rom-com style, to set things right — but it was too late, he’d gone and left his phone too. “I never stopped loving you,” she confesses, and they kiss. Sorry Spence, but: YAAAAY! They’re interrupted by Ezra and Aria. It’s go time, and Hanna texts A-Moji that she’s ready to meet.

Emily finds Ali bugging out in the church bell tower, where she’s run to hide (to be closer to Charlotte’s ghost? This makes no sense to me). Meanwhile, Toby and Spencer meet up to power-saw their way into Sara Harvey’s secret lair in the hotel, where Mona finds them. “What are you looking for?” she asks, in a possibly-A-style deadpan. In the secret room — once Radley’s hall of records — they only find one file. It’s for a patient named Mary Drake, who birthed a child named “Charles” 25 years ago. HMMM.

Caleb, Ezra and Aria get made by A-Moji, of course, so he/she manages to kidnap Hanna from the sealed motel room as the rigged flash camera blinds them. They call to tell Spencer, who’s celebrating her mom’s election victory with Toby post-prowl, and they rush to the motel as a very interested Mona follows. The whole gang reviews the camera footage, and everyone looks shocked to see Ali’s dead mother running through the woods. Mona looks notably less shocked.


Realizing she needs mental help, Ali admits herself to the same psychiatric facility that held Charlotte. Faster than you can say “I wonder if she’ll meet Mary Drake,” we do, in the season’s big reveal: Ghost Wilden peels off his freakishly realistic, Oscar-for-effects-quality mask to reveal…CREEPY DR. ROLLINS. Who is actually British, which convinces me that Wren was meant to be A all along and they just couldn’t get Julian Morris to return. Turns out Rollins was Charlotte’s boyfriend, and now he’s plotting with Mary Drake — aka Mrs. DiLaurentis’s twin — to break Ali.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 9.06.33 AM

The gang gets a text from “A.D.” that thanks them for Hanna and says they’re free to go, as someone drags Hanna’s unconscious body into the church bell tower. Who’s dragging her, if “Dr. Rollins” and Mary Drake are at Alison’s? We’ll find out next season.

Any guesses on additional A-Moji team members? Will Caleb pick Hanna or Spencer? And what’s the deal with that “Pretty Eyes” reference? Share your theories in the comments.

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