'Pretty Little Liars' is returning tomorrow (Jan. 28) so we have four sneak peeks to tide you over until episode 4x17, 'Bite Your Tongue' airs.

Watch the videos below, but just remember to steer clear if you want to go into the episode spoiler free.

So who's coming back to the show?

First up is Spencer's sexy decathlon partner Andrew Campbell, who she once performed a strip tease for. Unfortunately for Spencer, his return also signals her downfall -- as her conversation with him suggests that she wants to take some performance enhancing drugs for academic purposes.

As the synopsis for 4x18, 'Hot for Teacher' reveals, she goes on a prescription drug bender after staying awake to study. The question is, does she get the pills from Andrew or is he a red herring?

Ezra's baby mama Maggie will also be returning to the show to deal with her broken lease (sans their son Malcolm) and she and Ezra get in an argument that Aria walks in on. Meaning, Ezra may not have been completely lying in the last episode when he claimed the woman Jake saw him get in an altercation was Maggie's lawyer.

There's also a new guidance counselor in town called Jesse, who Mona seems drawn to and who helps her get a new love interest, which upsets Aria. Who could it be?

Tune in tomorrow at 8PM ET on ABC Family to find out.