ABC Family is gearing up for a new episode of 'Pretty Little Liars' entitled 'Shadow Play' tomorrow (Feb. 11) in which Spencer's mind takes her into a black and white world of 1940s noir.

Will Ezra be taking on the role of villain in Spencer's sleep-addled mind?

When asked by a fan if 'Shadow Play' is as amazing as the hype promises, the TV Scoop team over at E! assured fans that "the episode is practically perfect in every way."

They went on to add, "Ezra is especially sneaky in this week's all-new hour. Not only will he continue to mess with Spencer's head, but he'll make sure that Aria is 100 percent head-over-heels in love with him in order to deter her from ever doubting his devotion to her. Things are about to get pretty damn insane, y'all."

Since Ezra is already suspicious about Spencer's reliance on prescription drugs to help her study, he will prey upon her already weakened mind and use that to pit Aria against her. That way, in case Spencer tells Aria that Ezra is board shorts, she will merely look like a mentally deranged lunatic -- perhaps convincing Spencer herself that's she crazy in the process.

Pretty sneaky, Mr. Fitz.

This seems to come into play in the Canadian promo when Spencer and Alison tell Aria "You can't trust him" and Aria seems slightly suspicious of their intentions.

Don't forget to tune into episode 4x19 tomorrow at 8PM ET to see how the plot thickens for our Liars!