Tonight on 'Pretty Little Liars,' Aria will find out a secret so shocking and so devastating that it will change her life forever.

Continue reading to find out just what is in store for Aria during 'Free Fall' (episode 4x20). As per usual, there are massive spoilers within this post.

As the 'PLL' Twitter teased fans, tonight (Feb. 18) on the show, Aria will find out that Ezra is A.

This is also confirmed in the Canadian promo, which has a scene in which Aria finds some paperwork and then confronts Ezra with the accusation that he wanted Alison dead. It's all very dramatic.

Get your tissues ready, this episode looks like it's going to be a rough one.

As Lucy Hale previously intimated, she lost her voice from screaming and crying during filming this season and we have an idea that this episode is the one that did it.

To watch it all go down, you can catch 'Pretty Little Liars' on ABC Family at 8PM ET. So excited.