Queen Latifah's car was stolen at an Atlanta gas station just days before Christmas, according to a report from TMZ.

Latifah's security guard reportedly drove the Beauty Shop actress' 2015 Mercedes S63 to a Shell gas station on December 20 to fill up the tank, when someone emerged from a nearby BMW to jump into Latifah's car and drive off.

Latifah was not in the car at the time, but TMZ further reports she was concerned about a contract left inside a Tumi bag located in the trunk. Police officers eventually found the car, which had endured only minor damage, in an apartment complex.

US Weekly claims Latifah was on hand to inspect the Mercedes once it was recovered, and she reportedly found bottles of fruit punch and lemonade discarded inside. And while the Tumi bag had reportedly been ransacked, the carjackers failed to lift Latifah’s contract.

Police have yet to apprehend the thieves, but TMZ claims a nearby surveillance video could provide them with a lead.

This marks the second time Queen Latifah has been the victim of a carjacking. Back in July 1995, her 1995 BMW 740i was stolen by a pair of teenagers, who shot her then-boyfriend, Sean Moon, in the stomach before driving off. Latifah identified the assailants in a lineup, which led to their eventual arrest. They were charged with attempted murder and carjacking, according to the New York Times.

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