Ever since the police began investigating the death of Whitney Houston -- and especially since toxicology results showed cocaine in her system -- authorities and the masses have wondered who cleared the evidence of the drug from her hotel room.

We have our answer: the same person who likely sold her open casket photo.

Raffles van Exel, the self-proclaimed con artist who is suspected to have sold Houston's open casket shot to the National Enquirer, has come out and admitted to removing evidence from her hotel room. Authorities suspected that evidence was removed from the room because cocaine was found in Houston's system, but no drug paraphernalia was found in her hotel room.

Celebuzz reports that van Exel told Dutch newspaper the Telegraph, "The room had to be emptied. Someone had to do it.” Van Exel wouldn't divulge exactly what was removed, nor would he return Celebuzz's calls for comment.

Based on what we've learned about van Exel so far, it doesn't sound likely that he had her best interests at heart, nor those of her family and those who loved her. Generally people with nothing to hide hide nothing. In any case, we hope everyone involved finds closure and comes to justice.