A woman on Reddit says her mother-in-law got upset after she didn't let her have a say in the wedding dress she chose, and users blasted the groom for not backing his future wife.

"I am getting married next year to my fiancé, Jack. His mom is excited for the wedding and has been very involved. I'm currently looking for a wedding dress and my future mother-in-law insisted on looking with me," the bride-to-be wrote.

"I had no issue with that until recently, when we went shopping and she kept criticizing every dress I tried on and kept saying things like 'no that's not for US,' and 'WE can do better.' I was getting irritated but kept it inside to not cause any drama," she continued on Reddit.

After finding the perfect dress that she "fell in love" with, the bride told her salesperson that it was "the one." Unfortunately, her future mother-in-law "did not agree."

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"[She] was like, 'Are you kidding? I don't want that one, she's not pretty.' I tried to remain as polite as possible and told her that although I was thankful she volunteered to come with me, it was still MY future wedding dress and therefore MY choice and that I was gonna choose that one whether she liked the dress or not," the bride recalled.

Her mother-in-law "started crying" and told her she was "being ungrateful for everything she's done for [her]." She called the bride "selfish" before storming out of the bridal gown shop.

"When I told my fiancé what happened, he said I should've been more understanding because as he was her only kid, it's her only chance to live this. I do feel bad because maybe I could've been nicer but I also feel like I should be able to choose the dress I want," the frustrated bride concluded.

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Users in the comments section rallied behind the bride and slammed her fiancé for not having her back.

"You need to sit down and explain exactly this perspective to your fiancé and see his response. This is a flag. Let's see if he can learn from it," one person wrote.

"This is your red flag. Your fiancé is always going to take his mommy's side. You have to decide if that's the battle you want to fight the rest of your life," another commented.

"Mother-in-law does not recognize that her son is a separate person. Unless she gets a wake up call son doesn’t seem capable of making, she won’t even pretend to behave," someone else shared.

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