Did Justin Bieber really co-write all 10 songs on 'My World 2.0?' Songwriter Heather Bright claims that artists like Bieber, Rihanna and Kanye West routinely take songwriting and publishing credits even when they don't contribute anything to a track.

"Rihanna takes publishing, Justin Bieber takes publishing, Kanye West takes publishing," Bright says in a recent interview. "On all the stuff that they don't write, they take publishing."

Bright, whose songwriting credits include 'Trouble for Me,' a track on the new Britney Spears album 'Femme Fatale,' was dumbfounded when asked how Bieber got a credit on her song 'Somebody to Love.' She laughed and replied, "Um ... How did he get a writing credit on it? That's an interesting question. I don't know."

Performers have motivation to rack up as many songwriting credits as possible to earn additional royalties, not to mention the respect that comes with being viewed as a songwriter.

Rihanna did not pen any songs on her latest release 'Loud,' but she was labeled a co-writer on several tracks on her 'Rated R' album. Bieber was listed as a co-writer on every song on 'My World 2.0,' while West co-wrote his entire 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' album.