If one of pop music's enduring messages is true — that love is, indeed, a drug — then Rita Ora's not wasting any time throwing it back.

The pop singer, whose "I Will Never Let You Down" held its own on 2014 dance charts, has released a video for her new single, "Poison." The clip proves that, when masked in the right martini glass, venom can still go down smooth.

In the clip, a rough-and-tumble Ora, who's shooting the breeze with some friends downtown, unwittingly become a photographer's muse, and in an instant, a twisted love story's found its beginning. "You're going straight to my head," she narrates as her character confronts the shutterbug, but ultimately decides to take an appointment with him. "And I'm headed straight for the edge. I've picked my poison and it's you."

Previously comfortable sporting fringe and dueling blue braids, Ora, who suddenly balloons into a supermodel, finds herself at the center of campaigns and the subject of big-time agency projects. And the struggle to marry her current and former selves proves to be the least of her worries; she's got to decide between old love and new love, too.

"It was really important for me to come back with the right song,” Ora told MTV UK amid the clip's release. “It’s been a while and I wanted to come back with a bang.”

"Ora seems like a lifetime ago. The new music is still pop but has a lot more depth to it. It’s real," she added.

Are you gladly ingesting the "Poison" video? Check it out and tell us what you think.

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