The new hot diva on the block is Rita Ora and she gets down and dirty with fellow Brit Tinie Tempah in the video for 'R.I.P.' Tinie Tempah shows up for the first few moments, then steps aside for the most part in order to let Rita do her thing. However, their scenes together crackle! For the most part, all eyes are on Rita. She really comes alive in front of the camera.

Rita reminds us of another Ri -- that'd be Rihanna. They were both unearthed outside of the U.S. by Jay-Z and are as sexy as it gets. Ora has a bit more street edge, but she still rocks her femme side, with plenty of sky high heels, leather leggings, low-slung pants and bling in the vid. It's her own little fashion show and she looks good. But don't assume she's RiRi, V. 2.0 or Mini Ri. Ora's doing her own thang and could give all her 20-something diva peers a run for their well-dressed money. She swaps outfits with great frequency in this clip, like a seasoned pro. That's a skill, a talent and a necessity in the pop landscape.

For the most part, the singer is in a garage of sorts and there's also shots of her dancing on a car, writhing in the back seat and biting on a gold bullet between her teeth. She mixes sexy and street and the girl can dance, too. Yeah, Rita Ora is pretty much marriage material, boys.

The song is about saying goodbye to the girl she used to be and the one you used to know, because she's emerging stronger. In the space of four minutes, Rita proves to be magnetic. It's as though the cars she's standing on have crashed and you can't look away.

Watch the Rita Ora 'R.I.P.' Video