Whether she's posing on the red carpet or performing her new single, 'I Will Never Let You Down,' it seems like Rita Ora is everywhere. The fashion-forward star looks right at home in front of the camera, and in this new video -- premiering first on PopCrush -- the singer takes fans behind the scenes.

Rita's tour diary chronicles her recent trip to New York City, following the release of 'I Will Never Let You Down.'

"Releasing this song is really special to me because it's in the States and it's the first time I'm releasing an album here," she explains.

In the tour diary, viewers follow Rita everywhere from backstage at 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' to her performance at The Box in New York's Lower East Side. Of course, a lot of hard work goes into prepping for her shows, which is something the video highlights.

Whether you want a behind-the-scenes look at Rita's life or to find out what it was like for her to work with Calvin Harris, the tour diary has an in-depth tidbit for everyone. Check it out in the video above!