Listen up, Rixton fans! It's time for our second-to-last Let the Road teaser, and today we have the band playing a clip of "We All Want the Same Thing"! Which is awesome, because it's one of our faves, to be honest.

Because Jake always manages to crack us up, the vid starts out with him chanting: "What do we want?" "The same thing!" "When do we want it?" "Now!" If the album version of this track turned out to be a protest song, we wouldn't exactly hate it.

The band plays a clip of the tune to a sunglasses-clad Miles, who interprets the song to be about his desire for Cheerios in a van. We clearly do all want the same thing.

"If you give me a van and some Cheerios, I'll give you two, three years of my life," he promised. "That's all I need."

In all seriousness, Miles was totally digging the song (obviously), even breaking out a few pop-n-lock dance moves for the occasion.

"It made me dance. It was a hot track. It's got a disco vibe," he told the guys, ultimately ranking "We All Want the Same Thing" a whopping 14 points out of 10. We'd agree, Miles. We'd agree.

Watch Rixton play "We All Want the Same Thing" in the video above, and be sure to keep it here on PopCrush tomorrow (Feb. 27) for our tenth and final Let the Road teaser clip. And of course, don't forget to purchase the album when it drops on March 3. So soon!

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