On March 4, 2015, Rixton went where no band has gone before — they locked themselves in a hotel room for 12 hours straight! It's a pretty impressive span of time, so chances are you missed a moment or two. No worries, we've got the highlights reel, straight from Rixton themselves!

Ready to re-live it? Here we go!

Only 15 minutes into the stream, the band gave us one of our favorite Rixton moments ever. At first, it's unclear exactly what's happening. Charley, Danny and Lewi appear to be standing on a bed, hoisting up Jake ... And then they burst out into a gorgeous a capella version of "Hotel Ceiling" ("I've been staring at the hotel ceiling / Drinking everything I've found this evening") because Jake's face is literally inches away from the ceiling of their hotel room. OMG.

Other highlights from the Hotel-A-Thon include the band's meerkat impressions, some beatboxing, ghost stories and more a cappella harmonizing (swoon). The band even Facetimes with Adrien Grenier! (Mental note: Next time we see Rixton, we need to call up the actor.)

We need to give major props to the band, who not only survived 12 hours in a hotel room (with a camera crew, no less!), but they managed to entertain their fans the entire time. That's a pretty impressive feat!

You can catch all of the action in Rixton's Hotel-A-Thon highlights video above! Don't forget to pick up a copy of their new album, Let the Road, over on iTunes.

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