Prepare to feel all of the emotions. Rixton just dropped their 'Hotel Ceiling' video, and it's totally heartbreaking.

The visual kicks off with a super-cute couple doing super-cute couple things. Kissing, snuggling -- and yes, even solidifying their relationship in the form of a tattoo. Naturally, we expect that they'll have a horrific breakup, but Rixton take things one step further.

Of course, we'd expect nothing but the strongest of emotions from an Ed Sheeran-penned track, but even we weren't prepared for what the 'Hotel Ceiling' video has in store.

While we won't spill the details -- they're best revealed in the video -- it's worth nothing that the visual raises the always relevant question of "How does one cope when the person you care most about is gone?" The answer: There is no answer.

Rixton, how can you do this to us so close to Valentine's Day? JK -- but you should definitely check out 'Hotel Ceiling' in the video above!

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