Choreographer, entrepreneur, and all-around H.B.I.C. Robin Antin is best known for putting together the Pussycat Dolls, one of the most successful girl groups of the last several years. However, the girls have since disbanded to pursue solo careers with varying degrees of success, most notably Nicole Scherzinger, who is now a judge on 'X Factor.' So when Perez Hilton announced last week that Antin was in the final stages of organizing a new incarnation of the band, we got excited -- but Antin is setting the record straight about the brand's latest evolution in a new interview with Billboard.

"It's official that I'm doing a new group of Pussycat Dolls," Antin said. "But the only reason I can't talk about the girls individually is because of contracts." So the lineup that was tweeted and widely reported — consisting of former Paradiso Girls (and LMFAO collaborator) Lauren Bennett, Laker girl Vanessa Curry, Krystal "Lyndriette" Smith from defunct R&B outfit RichGirl, Kia Hampton, Tiffany "Taz" Zavala, and Paula Van Oppen — isn't locked down yet. Antin says that the new group may not even have six members.

Unlike many groups, Antin explains that the Pussycat Dolls are a brand first and a musical act second -- which means they're more tethered to Robin's standards for how the girls should look and act than any independent musical identity. But this means the product will be consistently excellent, as long as Antin's in the picture calling the shots.

So even if details are still nebulous, Antin promises that we can expect the same high-level of show-stopping production values and dance-pop hookability. Of the new group, she says, "They're obviously going to be really hot, but also really talented. I don't let anyone into my world — the Pussycat Dolls — unless they are fierce." That's good enough for us!