The "Blurred Lines" trial is far from over.

Though Robin Thicke and Pharrell were found guilty of plagiarizing Marvin Gaye's hit "Got to Give It Up" in their own smash "Blurred Lines," and were forced to pay the Gaye family $7.3 million, an attorney for the artists reportedly plans to file a motion for a new trial. Additionally, the Gaye family has also filed a motion to amend the original verdict as they are reportedly seeking to hold rapper T.I. and the various Interscope parties liable as well.

According to MSN, an attorney for Thicke and Pharrell filed paperwork calling the verdict "inconsistent" and plans to file a motion for a new trial "in coming weeks." While the Gaye family won the case, they found the verdict unsatisfactory since only Thicke, Pharrell and Pharrell's publishing company were found to have violated the copyright, TIME reports. Now, they are also seeking retribution for T.I. (real name: Clifford Harris Jr.), who co-wrote the song, and the various Interscope parties involved: Interscope Records, UMG Recordings, Universal Music Distrubtion and Star Trek Entertainment.

"As a matter of law, all members of the distribution chain are liable for copyright infringement, including co-writer of the song 'Blurred Lines' Clifford Harris Jr. and the Interscope Parties, who manufactured, licensed, distributed, and sold the infringing song, both as a single and as part of the album 'Blurred Lines,'" the filing states, according to MSN.

The Gaye family is also reportedly seeking an injunction to temporarily stop the sale of "Blurred Lines," as they claim that each sale of the song further infringes copyright on their father's work. However, as MSN reports, the family would like to come to an agreement with Thicke and Pharrell in which Gaye is "properly attributed" as a writer of the song so his family can also share in the copyright and profits from the hit.

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