If there's two things the internet consumer loves, its "then & now" photos of actors and actresses we loved long ago, and reimagining TV characters as modern-day cool kids ("here's what Game of Thrones' characters would look like as hipsters, woo wah wow!," etc.). Eric Molinsky, a former Rugrats storyboard artist who now works in radio, has taken notice and he's bemused by fan art that sleek-ifies cartoon characters who were intentionally drawn to look goofy.

Citing a few fan art examples of "cool" grownup Rugrats kids over at the blog for his WNYC Studio 360 show — plus one rendering of a sexy real-life Daria and Jane from MTV's Daria — Molinsky gripes, "it really bugs me — not the quality of the artwork, but the interpretation. We referred to them as lumpy babies for a reason. If we ever drew the Rugrats as being too cute, our executive producer would scold us."

He goes on to explain he tried to keep the kids' "awkwardness intact" when they imagined themselves as pre-teens on the later All Growed Up TV movie, and offers his vision of what Tommy, Chuckie and the gang would look like now. Angelica and Susie in power suits, glued to their phones? We may have had something more glamorous in mind for their futures but it seems pretty realistic.

"So no. The Rugrats did not all grow up to be fashion models or self-confident hipsters. Especially not Chuckie. They probably grew up to be average if not slightly lumpy looking people — just like their parents."


Does Molinsky's rendering match up with what you would've imagined? Let us know, and RIP to your childhood.

Eric Molinsky, Studio360.com

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