The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office will not charge Russell Crowe for allegedly physically removing Azealia Banks from his Beverly Hills Hotel suite following an altercation at a party back in October, according to TMZ.

The site claims the D.A. feels Crowe’s actions were "justified to prevent the imminent violence threatened by Banks." The D.A. also concluded Crowe’s spitting on the "212" rapper was “incidental to preventing more serious threatened violence.”

The D.A.’s office came to its conclusion based on statements made by several witnesses, who reportedly corroborated initial reports claiming Banks wielded a glass and threatened to cut the throat of a party goer. Several guests in attendance also stated Banks hurled racial epithets during the altercation and was “verbally aggressive” to those in Crowe’s suite.

Banks previously filed a battery report against Crowe, where she claimed he spit on her, choked her and called her a racial slur while ejecting her from his party.

She said the alleged aggression was in response to a comment she made about Crowe's career, though the Gladiator actor has repeatedly denied said accusations via his lawyer.

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