For everyone who's been waiting for a new music video from Ryan Cabrera, the wait is finally over! He just unveiled the video for his latest single 'House on Fire' and we are totally obsessed with it.

The video sees Ryan getting fired from his job and then getting broken up with by his girlfriend -- via emojis, no less. When everything seems to go wrong at once the only cure is a road trip, or at least that's the approach Ryan takes. He takes off in his car, stops at a restaurant and eventually meets a girl who he hits it off with immediately. It kind of gives us hope for when we're having one of those days (or months) where Mercury is in full retrograde and everything seems to be a little more out of control than usual.

The video also has a few great cameos -- from 'Napoleon Dynamite''s Pedro to Shannon Tweed Simmons and even Mr. Belding from 'Saved by the Bell.'

Check out Ryan's new music video posted above!

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