Rye Rye and Robyn offer the cutest behind-the-scenes look of their colorful video for their single, 'Never Will Be Mine.' The ladies shed a little light on the origin of the song, which features Rye Rye's spicy, swagger-soaked raps tempered by Robyn's pretty singing.

"It's basically about talking s--- about a guy like after finding out he is cheating," Rye Rye says."I am not trying to play. I am like moving on." Robyn interjects, saying, "She's just acting tough!" about her co-star and co-singer.

Robyn also revealed that "it's a song I recorded a long time ago, like five years ago, and Rye Rye has been generous enough to sample it." Generous and smart, since the verses are strong as a kiss off rap anthem, but the overall song is elevated thanks to the hooky chorus that Robyn supplies.

Robyn could not he happier with the way Rye Rye reworked the song, saying, "It's a sad love song, but she's taken it and made it into her own thing with her own message and her own style."

Speaking about style, Rye Rye does acknowledge the fact that the video is upped a notch by the colorful, quirky outfits that both pixie-haired singers wear throughout. "The high fashion stuff made the video pop," she said. Hmm, PopCrush said that very same thing in our coverage of the video. We love being on the same page with artists.

The intimate look at the video, which was filmed the day of the shoot, ends with a love fest between the ladies. "I love Robyn because she makes great music and she actually has a voice, an amazing voice, and it's her own style," Rye Rye gushed. "She incorporates it with dance music as well and makes you move and it's so like emotional sometimes."

Robyn was equally gooey over the rapper, saying, "I love Rye Rye because she's feisty, she means what she says."

Watch the 'Behind the Scenes' Footage From the 'Never Will Be Mine Video'