Rapper Rye Rye and pop star Robyn have a lot in common. Both are petite, with first names that start with an "R" and have a "y" in them. Both sport short, pixie haircuts and boast unique and colorful senses of style, as the video for their hook-laden, slow burning single 'Never Will Be Mine' -- which features Rye Rye's aggressive and assured raps toned down by Robyn's pretty melodies in the chorus -- demonstrates.

In the clip, both ladies are singing and dancing in an urban atmosphere as they tell their story, which is the universal topic of being dissed by a boy, who doesn't realize, "there's a moment to seize every time that we meet but you always keep passing me by." What girl can't relate?

Each fashion-forward singer wears brightly hued ensembles and notice-me makeup as they groove. Their lipstick shades and eyeliner are as bright as the yellow and patterned outfits that they sport while they sing amidst a landscape of urban decay. And we're not talking about the edgy cosmetic line, although we very well could be, since Rye Rye and Robyn know how work color.

Robyn does some super cool, swirly and unorthodox dance moves, twisting her arms, her torso and her neck as she sings. Same goes for Rye Rye. She grooves with her hands, neck, body and eyes, even as she struts through the mean streets with a "don't mess with me" swagger. With these movements, each singer gives off an aura of fragile vulnerability without sacrificing their confidence. Some shots are also slowed down and rewound in quick bursts, further enhancing the visual appeal of the video.

The video and the song are an electric collision of urban and pop music.

Watch the Rye Rye 'Never Will Be Mine' Video Feat. Robyn