Even if you haven't kept up with the project since its debut over six years ago, you might vaguely recall iamamiwhoami, an audio-visual experience that popped up on YouTube at the tail-end of 2009 in the form of short clips with strangely numbered titles filled with bizarre nature-filled imagery — even a Blair Witch-esque viral marketing campaign at one point. (At the time, some speculated it was Christina Aguilera promoting her then-upcoming album, Bionic. Sadly, it was not.)

In fact, iamamiwhoami is the brainchild of Swedish singer-songwriter Jonna Lee and producer Claes Björklund. The project has since gradually unfolded into three studio albums (Kin, Bounty and BLUE), a rich visual narrative that's awarded the group a devout pack of followers intent on untangling all the symbolism embedded in their lushly shot videos, and even live streaming concert experiences.

There's plenty to dig through for the uninitiated: the immersive world created around iamamiwhoami is one of the Internet's most innovative and unique musical projects.

Now, Jonna Lee is using the iamamiwhoami platform to launch a brand new project — as herself.

"introducing: ionnalee" a new teaser video posted today (Mar. 3) proclaims, featuring the singer being forcibly led to what appears to be a witch burning ceremony  — plus some choreography for good measure. Fans are already speculating in the comments section: is this the prequel to iamamiwhoami? Is the character from the project originally a witch burned at the stake? What of the future of iamamiwhoami?

Beyond the narrative, we know this much: "Samaritan" is the lead single from Jonna Lee's solo "ionnalee" project due out on March 10, and was made in collaboration with Japanese fashion label, COMME des GARÇONS.

"ionnalee represents both a new beginning and the continuation of a story still unfolding," an accompanying press release reveals.

"After 7 years with iamamiwhoami, I've been researching what I am stripped away of it in the raw, she says. So it's more of a solo project because I've been facing my mirror image for the first time in a while. ionnalee is me, with a history stretching further back than iamamiwhoami, continuing my progress past it," Jonna Lee says of her upcoming solo project.

And as for a hint of what's to come musically? "Buffeted by imposing, almost marching-band beats but sweetened by Lee's upfront vocals, SAMARITAN tackles culture's fascination with idolising and worshipping female artists."

"There's an underlying strive for female artists to live up to a real unhealthy ideal and I think it's my responsibility to do what I can to change that," she says of the song.

Jonna's newly solo social media channels have just now launched as well, including Instagram and Twitter — and if we've learned anything from the roll-out of iamamiwhoami, you'd better keep your eyes peeled: you never know where another clue might pop up next.

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