As promised one week ago, ionnalee — AKA Jonna Lee, the Swedish voice and visual behind the mysterious iamamiwhoami project — made her official solo move in the form of "Samaritan" today (Mar. 10).

And one thing's for sure: she's not here to be your personal Jesus.

The song, a powerful protest of idol worship, sees the talented singer-songwriter expertly criticizing overly eager pop culture enthusiasts and/or devotees all too willing to put all their faith in anything: "I don't remember promising my life and soul to bring you all bliss / If I am what you say, I expect to be hanging from a wooden cross / When all this is done, it's done." Welp! Guilty as charged.

The song itself is somewhat more pop-leaning than the more left-of-center iamamiwhoami offerings, featuring a solidly catchy chorus and a hammering pulse, recalling some other incredible Swedish pop oddities like The Knife and Fever Ray — plus it's totally choreography-friendly, as evidenced in the music video, which even offers a subtle sense of humor. (The television beaming the word "TELEVISION," for instance.) But make no mistake: this is still the wonderfully thought-provoking stuff of iamamiwhoami.

As one commenter noticed, the speech featured at the beginning of the video is from Winston Churchill's "The Threat of Nazi Germany" from 1934 — fitting, both because of the current political climate and the underlying theme of "Samaritan." Be careful with who you decide to put on a pedestal.

And based on the clip's curious ending featuring a recorded conversation, it seems the story is only just getting started.

Watch above.

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