'American Idol' contestant Jennifer Diley described herself as "all-American" and perfect. Unfortunately, her pitch wasn't, so she didn't make it to Hollywood.

Now, the curvy brunette is complaining that judge Steven Tyler promised she'd go on to the Hollywood rounds and insinuates that the producers set her up for failure. Right.

"When I walk into the room, I hope the male judges are shocked," Diley said in her introductory clip. To her credit, they were, but probably not for the reasons she wanted. Every season has a token hot girl who auditions whilst not wearing much clothing. They were probably shocked at the fact she made it as far as she did, because her voice was extremely weak when she sang Jessica Simpson's 'With You.' "I think your voice lacks the fire that your get up has," Tyler said.

Randy Jackson agreed. "Honestly, to come in dressed like that, you've got to really just blow us away," he noted. Jennifer Lopez concurred, easily the least amused of the panel. "If she would've come in dressed in something from here to there," Lopez said, motioning from her chin to the floor, "it wouldn't matter. Your voice still has to up to par with everyone else's."

The panel generously gave Diley another shot and allowed her to sing 'Hero' by Mariah Carey ... And it wasn't any better. This upset Diley, who now claims that Tyler told her she "already won the damn thing," according to TMZ. Diley told TMZ that she was thrown off because she hadn't rehearsed either of the songs that she sang and was forced to choose from a list of "flirty" songs given to her by the producers.

TMZ notes that while Fox wouldn't comment on Diley's allegations, Tyler's publicist did. "You are telling me some provocatively dressed woman is claiming Steven Tyler flirted with her? I am shocked. Next thing you will tell me is Harvey Levin isn't 6' 2"."

It sounds like sour grapes to us. Perhaps if Diley would focus on vocal training instead of worrying about which short get up to wear to her next audition, the outcome will be different.

Watch Jennifer Diley's 'American Idol' Audition