As you've no doubt heard by now, the East Coast was hit by a major snowstorm this weekend, burying countless states like New Jersey, New York, and Delaware with well over a foot of snow and resulting in major closures everywhere, including the Saturday cancellation of all Broadway shows in New York City.

Naturally, news reporters hit the streets this weekend in order to interview passerby about the storm, but one CNN reporter got a "Crazy" surprise during her live coverage on Saturday when Aerosmith front-man Steven Tyler, while out and about in Manhattan with his daughter, stopped by to participate in an impromptu interview.

"I'm from New York City and I'm down here to see my daughters and my grandson Milo... How ya doin' Milo?" Tyler shared, shouting out his 9-year-old grandson and adding that he was out in the storm because he "decided to go downtown but then decided not to. The weather's terrible!"

The trio also discussed how Tyler had been in town promoting his new single on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Friday (January 22), but that he'll likely be stuck in Manhattan for a few extra days than planned. "I'm gonna hunker down. I've gotta funny feeling the storm is gonna keep us here a couple extra days. But Monday I'm doing Howard Stern. No much how much [snow]!

Reportedly, before he signed off, Tyler urged viewers to simply "stay home" this weekend, adding as an incentive, "Two words: hot chocolate."

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