Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler videotaped himself trying to sneak a handwritten note into someone's hotel room yesterday but it wasn't just anyone: it was Miley Cyrus!

Tyler posted on his Facebook page a video in which he walks up to Cyrus' hotel room and whispers to the camera in a very Elmer Fudd-like way. The two musicians were apparently both staying at a hotel in Helsinki, Finland at the same time.

"I think Miley Cywus is here," he whispers into the camera while holding a note written on hotel stationery. "Shhhh. She's vewy, vewy sweepy."

He then tries to slip it underneath the doors but the doors don't have any space in them. He then tries slipping it between the doors but the note won't budge.

"I can't seem to get it thwoo the doow. Maybe I oughta bang on it?"

But before we can cringe and watch Tyler wake Cyrus up, he folds the note and puts it in the keycard slot.

"That's better," he admits, as he walks away.

We're not sure what was in the note or if Cyrus ever read it, but she did retweet Tyler's video on Twitter so chances are, she does know it exists.

In this day and age of social media and smartphones, it's nice to see someone trying to communicate through the old art of the letter!