Scotty McCreery (Season 10's 'American Idol' in case you buried your head in the sand last night and avoided all pop culture fodder) debuts his first single, 'I Love You This Big,' and it borrows from the Tim McGraw school of country music and power balladeering where being subtle often makes the biggest impact.

McCreery's biggest asset is his deep, low register, which makes him sound like a 55-year-old man, as opposed to the so-adorable-it-hurts teenage that his birth certificate proves him to be. But McCreery impresses when he shifts gears, ranges and tones in even the slightest way -- and this song allows him to do that. It's a gentle, lilting ballad that gets its heft from McCreery's emotion-packed voice.

This brand new song allows McCreery to make an instant connection with the way he handles it; he doesn't go over-the-top nor does he venture outside of his signature style. It's like Randy Jackson said all season long, we feel like we're at a Scotty McCreery concert when he tackles songs like this.

We would not be shocked if 'I Love You This Big' became the default wedding song for young couples at Southern weddings for the next year. Come on, you know you can picture people singing this song at McCreery concerts and holding their arms outstretched, to indicate "this big," while looking at their loved ones or significant others.

Listen to Scotty McCreery, 'I Love You This Big'