"What's your favorite scary movie?"

That ominous question from the still-terrifying opening sequence of Scream still haunts our nightmares today.

The hugely popular, majorly terrifying 1996 American slasher film, which follows the character of Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) as she becomes the target of a mysterious killer (dubbed Ghostface) — is now considered to have revitalized the horror genre in the '00s, winning the International Horror Guild Award in 1996. It was later followed by three sequels (1997's Scream 2, 2000's Scream 3, 2011's Scream 4), which largely consisted of the same original cast.

We're taking a look back at the cast of the iconic first film to see where they are now. Take a look through the leading actors from the film in the gallery above, and don't forget to tune into the premiere of MTV's Scream on June 30.


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