Sean Paul has shot the video for his new single, 'She Doesn't Mind,' and now the Jamaican artist has posted a behind-the-scenes clip in which he, his director and his co-stars discuss the making of the video.

"The main concept of the video is that we've all been through security, and we all know that it starts to feel a little bit personal, perhaps when they're patting you down and doing that whole thing," director Evan Winter explains. "But we decided to take it a little ways extra and make it so that we get a little sexy with going through security."

The clip interviews several female actresses cast as TSA agents and passengers. The seductive ladies undergo thorough searches in which they're more than happy to take part. Later, Paul is shown with a group of back-up dancers dressed as stewardesses.

"These are our beautiful Pan Am ladies. I brought them from back in the day with their sexiness to the modern world," he says, adding, "The shot's amazing, the light -- I saw it from out there. Just what we needed. The Pan Am girls, ready to fly me anywhere."

In addition to the concept rundown and exclusive interviews, fans get to see snippets from the upcoming video and hear bites from the song. 'She Doesn't Mind' is featured on Paul's forthcoming album, due out in February.

Watch a Behind-the-Scenes Clip From Sean Paul's 'She Doesn't Mind' Video

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