Welcome to 2017, an age in which Sean Spicer — President Donald Trump's Press Secretary and king of "alternative facts" — has a history of Twitter-trolling pop duos and variations on traditional ice cream. It's the age of intellect!

Yesterday (January 22), Consequence of Sound did a little deep-diving into Spicer's social media use over the years, and stumbled upon a particularly foolish bit of Twitter-trolling from 2014 — more specifically, January 26, 2014, the day of the 56th annual Grammy Awards. The show, broadcast from Los Angeles' Staples Center, included a performance from Daft Punk, who went on to win Album of the Year.

And Spicer — who...was bored? — decided to chime in, and offer his two cents.

Oh, and he called Daft Punk "Daft Funk" because this whole thing wasn't already enough of an indignity.

"Daft Funk this is your 10 seconds in the spotlight - u r blowing it," Spicer wrote. "was an early and still fan but come on helmets? tey need to grow up."

You can certainly pick 'em, Donald.

Oh Spicer also tried to troll ice cream in 2010. And as the New York Daily News discovered, his feud with Dippin Dots would last for five years.

Today, Lady Liberty smiles.

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