Did Daft Punk punk everyone who watched the 2014 Grammys, thinking we were too daft to catch them doing so? It seems so! They cleaned up at the ceremony winning Record of the Year for 'Get Lucky' and Album of the Year for 'Random Access Memories' (sorry, T. Swizzle!) but they didn't even go onstage to accept the honors themselves.

Wait, what?

Daft Punk have adopted their robot personas and they are never seen without their silver and gold, identity obscuring helmets. Well, it turns out French EDM duo was allegedly hiding in plain sight, as members Thomas Bangalter (silver robot) and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (gold robot) were unmasked and in the audience while two people dressed as their robots accepted their awards for Album of the Year and Record of the Year.

Daft Punk Grammys Real Dudes

In the screenshot above, the camera cut to where the robots where sitting before they made their way to the stage. That is Bangalter on the left and Homem-Christo on the right. Since they are rarely seen in public, they were able to be incognito and watch the ceremony without their helmets.

Below, you can see a video of the duo with the white-cloaked robots hugging and pretending to be them. Notice that neither of the real and unhelmetted Daft Punk members overreacts to the big win, thus blowing the cover. And sorry to bring her up again, but The Swiz didn't even win and she had a bigger reaction! Those wily French EDMers did a great job hiding their emotions over the big win.

Watch Daft Punk Win 'Album of the Year' + See the Real Duo Without Helmets