Taylor Swift was up for Album of the Year for 'Red' at last night's Grammys (Jan. 26). For a 'Red' hot second, Swift thought she won and we can understand why.

Alicia Keys and the presenters announced 'Random Access Memories' by Daft Punk as the winner, and that first 'R' sound had T. Swizzle excited.

Honestly, while watching the clip, the first thing we thought was 'Red,' too. So we get why Swift and her team got excited for a second and reacted as they did. You hear an 'R" sound and you're going to think 'Red' if you are T. Swizzle or her fans.

It was an honest reaction, one we FULLY understand.

Watch the videos below and you will see that she made her "awards" face, and her jaw dropped and she quickly recovered when the rest of the winner was announced as 'R…andom Access Memories.'

For a second, we thought, hey, maybe she was stoked for them, since she danced during their set.

The Swizz did nothing wrong here. She was excited and wanted to win. It was a 50/50 chance of her or Daft Punk being the winner due to the enunciation, which led her to believe her album was going to be announced. So go easy on her, critics.

For their part, the robots, who looked like Star Wars Stormtroopers, were silent while accepting. They wore their helmets so we could not see their faces.

Watch Taylor Swift React to Album of the Year Announcement

And Another Video Below 

Some of her pals also tweeted about her general awesomeness, like Lena Dunham. And Swift herself also reminded everyone that she and Lorde are on one another's team. That beef is so non-existent and Swift has taken the teen under her wing. Love fest!

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