It's getting down to the nitty-gritty on Season 12 of 'American Idol,' as the public has narrowed the group down to the Top 5. And in an awesome turn of events, all of the contestants left are women! WHO RUN THE WORLD?! 

Angie Miller, Janelle Arthur, Amber Holcomb, Kree Harrison and Candice Glover are the last women standing this year on 'Idol,' and it's going to be a tough decision for America, since all five of these women so deserve to be there. So, who are you rooting for? Do you think Angie, Janelle, Amber, Kree or Candice should be crowned the next 'American Idol'?

Week after week, all five of these women have belted to high heaven in hopes of winning the competition, and each of the talented gals has their own unique style of vocal delivery. Angie Miller has the capability to sing pretty much anything, and during her unbelievable performance of the Beatles' 'Yesterday,' Randy Jackson compared her to Paramore's Hayley Williams. In the words of Jimmy Iovine, the Miley Cyrus look-alike has a "natural, raw talent" that shines during her live performances.

Meanwhile, Janelle Arthur and Kree Harrison are this season's country darlings (there's always gotta be at least one, right?), but make no mistake: These ladies aren't one-trick ponies. The 23-year-old Tennessean and the 22-year-old Texan both have wide ranges that can translate to any genre (whether it be pop, rock or anything else thrown their way), even though they lean more towards the country style. For example, just check out Arthur's stellar performance of Garth Brooks' 'The Dance,' as well as Harrison's impressive and compassionate performance of 'What the World Needs Now.'

Then there's Amber Holcomb, who has been grossly underrated by the public, at least in our opinion. Nicki Minaj agrees with us, though! The 'Starships' hit maker / 'Idol' judge labeled the very talented Holcomb as her "absolute favorite" in the competition. Even though she keeps landing herself in the bottom three, Holcomb has blown us away with her effortlessly huge (and never over-the-top) voice on songs, like her performance of 'I Say a Little Prayer.'

Finally, we've got Candice Glover, another multi-dimensional singer that has proven her power time and time again. Her soaring, brilliant voice might place her into the R&B and gospel genre, but she can change up her style and translate it to a variety of genres with ease. Have you guys seen her belt the Cure's international hit 'Love Song'? It is seriously goosebump-inducing and breathtaking, and even brought Mariah Carey to her feet.

So, who are you rooting for on 'American Idol' this season? Vote for Angie, Janelle, Amber, Kree or Candice below!

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