Candice Glover ended tonight’s episode of ‘American Idol’ (April 10) by singing the Cure’s smash hit, ‘Love Song.’ You may already be familiar with Adele’s version of the tune, but Glover made it her own with a truly breathtaking performance. She received a standing ovation from the judges, and Mariah Carey was so impressed that she even approached the stage to shower her with glitter.

“Singing about love is my absolute favorite thing to do, and if I was to record an album, I would definitely want to touch on that,” Glover said. She went on to admit that she doesn’t have a boyfriend right now, but her single status clearly didn’t stop her from connecting with the song's meaning.

“Let me just say, on the behalf of all my judges up here, [that was] one of the greatest performances in the history, in twelve years of ‘American Idol!’" exclaimed Randy Jackson, as Carey, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban voiced their agreement.

The singer graciously accepted the avid outpouring of praise, tears streaming down her face as she came down from her emotional high. What a way to end the night! Be sure to tune in to 'American Idol' tomorrow (April 11) to find out who gets eliminated (although we're 99% sure it won't be Glover).